AKAMAI HOLDINGS INC. is registered and organized under its business objectives to acquire and market select properties for residential and commercial development. The officers have in depth knowledge of local and international real estate experience, innovative design and construction approach for the highest and best use of real estate for sustainable development. The company is composed of a group of businessmen and professionals, who are successful in their own respective fields and have the passion to develop better quality housing, design and environmental impact with high ecological standards for the future of its projects.

Akamai builds and designs projects for its discriminating clientele.
We offer 5 Star fully furnished custom and standard size suites inspired by Ritz Carlton, Shangri-La and Four Seasons.

Elevate assets with designer homes exclusively crafted by artists, architects and designers in a private island resort.

Whether it’s residential or commercial development, we provide a wide range of luxury designs to cater to a variety of our clients taste and needs. 

Speed of construction and planning is made possible by modern technology to allow for swift turn around in delivering homes.
This insures your swift return of investment.



Chief Executive Officer/President

In his over 35 years of experience in the real estate industry, Tony has millions of dollars’ worth of transactions under his belt involving commercial and residential properties; his expertise is in property acquisitions and financial services. Tony was born in Philippine Islands, grew up in Los Angeles California. He was involved in his family real estate business since childhood.

He pioneered internet applications (video streaming) and owned a software development company from 1992 to 2001, there after became a Mortgage Banker and real estate investor during the lucrative property boom in USA. In his current role as the CEO, Tony spends his time working on property research and acquisitions and development plans for projects in the Philippine Islands.

Joe Starr

Chief Operating Officer

Joe began his career as a laborer working his way through the ranks to achieving his goal as a licensed building contractor in California specializing in Concrete, Masonry and Framing. His firm was involved in such projects as Olympic headquarters at the ABC Studio lots, numerous custom million dollar estates in lavish Fairbanks Ranch and several commercial projects in San Diego and Riverside counties. Joe also has a license of Concrete Inspector having taken the required certification courses in San Diego County, California.

After serving as the chief estimator for Jensen Concrete in Las Vegas, Joe turned his attention to the flourishing Exhibit Industry. By invitation he became involved in all facets of the industry including design, sales, estimation, labor supervision and Custom building of elaborate modular exhibits up to 15,000 sq. ft. These exhibits had to be transported in crates and built at convention venues in a matter of days. Everything hinged on proper materials, time sensitive execution along with supervision and leadership of Union labor crews up to 120 workers at a time.

In the last year Joe has been trained in the “fast track building” techniques shown to him by an associate in Las Vegas, Nevada.  He is one of a handful of men who are qualified to teach builders around the globe on the techniques to apply the interior and exterior coatings of Gigacrete Inc. fast track products.

Joe’s  over 30 years of experience in the building & construction industries in California and Nevada plus other related works that deals with modular components, coordination and labor supervision and fast track building knowledge are of a tremendous value to the Ecolux team.


Grace A. Tolentino
Vice President
Business Development / Marketing

Grace Tolentino, an outstanding entrepreneur and multi awarded businesswoman formed Boracay Beach Inc., an exclusive partner of Akamai Holdings Inc. Grace is part of the Philippines country-building program in generating investment capital and tourism in Asia. Her knowledge in business and her passion with advance technology, resources and strong connections has generated a dossier of clients worldwide. She is the Chief Executive Officer / President of Boracay Beach Inc. and is considered as a global star brand recognized as the top tourist beach destination in the world according to CNN and received multiple awards from Philippine Media Awards, HaberTurizm International Magazine, LadyBoss Asia and Personality Awards for Global Excellence Company in Travel, Real Estate and Business Services.


Consultant, Urban Planner

Consultant, Urban Planner

Mr. Grimes has 24 years of project management experience in both public and private sectors. Before founding Studio Cascade, he directed the planning division of a large Southern California Planning and Engineering firm, specializing in the management of interdisciplinary policy development and physical planning projects. Mr. Grimes is a member of the American Institute of Certified Planners, holds a master’s degree in urban and regional planning and has won several awards for his achievements. He is also a member of Eastern Washington University’s adjunct faculty, teaching courses in Spokane and Liverpool (United Kingdom) on land development and the evolution of cities.

Executive Partner

Executive Partner/Finance

Board Member

Business Development

Sales and Marketing

Engr. Consultant

Construction Consultant

Regional Director

Corporate Office
3rd Floor Suite 301,
W. Young Building, Felipe Road,
Bel-Air Makati City,
Metro Manila, Philippines

Telephone No.:
(632) 463-9852 


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